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Lauzon Hardwood Flooring | Pickering, ON
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Lauzon Hardwood Flooring

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For 30 years we have dedicated ourselves to marrying the artistry of finely crafted wood with the science of producing resilient, naturally comfortable and – equally important – comforting floors. We don’t cut corners. Because we know that for our customers, their homes are more than an investment, they are privileged spaces of repose, comfort and beauty. You wouldn’t skimp on the surfaces that carry you through life. You want them to be beautiful, practical and healthful. We are committed to meeting, even surpassing your expectations.
Lauzon Hardwood Flooring in Pickering, ON
Lauzon Hardwood Flooring
For 30 years we have dedicated ourselves to marrying the artistry of...
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Armstrong Sheet Vinyl Floors
The story with vinyl sheet begins with the “look.” You’ve probably noticed...
Olympia Tile in Pickering, ON
Olympia Tile
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Shaw Hardwoods Flooring
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Shaw Laminate Flooring
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WELCOME TO The Floor Fashion Centre

We are very excited to announce that we are moving! As of May 8th, 2017 our new warehouse and showroom will be located at 1646 Bayly St. All of our phone numbers and contact info will remain the same.
The new showroom and warehouse is located on the North West corner of Brock Rd and Bayly St in Pickering, ON.

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